White Kitchen Designs Trends 2016

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 - Kitchen Design

White Kitchen Designs Trends 2016 will give you some inspiration and ideas. By choosing white color you will make your kitchen looks clean and bright. Things you need to know about white kitchen themes ideas.

White Kitchen Designs Ikea

1. Combined White color and Black – Who would have thought that black combined with white will be one color kitchen design trends in 2016? Apply black color will make your kitchen look more elegant and luxury, of course with the selection of furniture and the right cooking device. Don’t forget to give a bright lighting so your kitchen doesn’t look dark, especially at night.

2. Combined Bright Color and Monochrome – Apply the tips on this one it seems to sound pretty easy, huh? Wait a minute. Based on the prediction, the bright colors that you can use for kitchen design trends in 2016 is a Tawny Color, Equator Bali Hai and Yellow, Blue. These three colors are particularly suitable combined with monochrome color, start with white, gray, and black. Your kitchen will look more stands out with White Kitchen Designs Trends 2016.

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3. White Modern kitchen with a touch of Green – In this case, green is not just color, but real plants. Typically, modern kitchen has a dominant color pure white. To add a fresh and striking impression, you could put the crop in some parts of the wall or kitchen table. Because your kitchen white, try to use cooking furniture with striking colors.

4. Kitchen Table Oval – In recent years, the trend of the design of the kitchen table is filled with the forms box. But, oval table will be returned to the kitchen design trends in 2016. For you lovers of minimalist design, no need to worry because the oval table will still fit with the minimalist kitchen design of your dreams. You just need to choose the color and angle of laying on the right.

5. Decorative Ceramics – You are a fan of contemporary design? great, because the concept of this one present at kitchen design trends 2016 through the use of decorative ceramics. You can put in some parts of the walls of the kitchen. The result will look more at the maximum when you combine that with the color white. But, don’t ever even combine that with wooden decor.