Best Glass Backsplash Ideas

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 - Backsplashes

Best Glass Backsplash Ideas will stunning your kitchen. Glass and mirrors are two of the most popular materials today. It looks clean and modern makes both of these materials are often used in modern kitchens.

Glass Backsplash Ideas Inspiration

The mirror is divided into two types, namely clear mirrors or tinted mirrors, for example dark brown mirror, mirror, and so on. As for glass, which is currently widely used is glass types glass-tone, namely the glass part of the tow was given a layer of color so it looks from the front color. Pretty much any color glass manufacturers offer glasstone, ranging from grey to red lights up.

Advantages Of Glass Backsplash

There is no connection. Glass and mirror can be cut to order, so there is no connection at all. This means, no crack of the keeper of the dirt. Noteworthy is the meeting between the glass/mirror with the table top. If the connection is less meeting, there is a possibility of water or dirt in from there.

10 Photos Gallery of Best Glass Backsplash Ideas

Disadvantages Of Glass Backsplash

The price is expensive. The price of a regular mirror pegged around $ 30 per meter run, while the price of dark mirror is around $ 50 per meter.

Not resistant to hot temperature. If things continue like exposed to heat produced by the stove, glass and mirrors can be cracked. That is why it is recommended not to use this material both on the backsplash behind the stove. Actually, this can be overcome by using a kind of tempered glass that is not easily cracked. Unfortunately, there is currently no type of tempered to mirror or glasstone. Tempered glass types only there for plain. For mengakalinya, some designer kitchen “make your own” glasstone tempered, by way of using plain tempered glass, then coloring parts of the wall that will be hooked up to the glass.

Not waterproof and damp. If exposed to moisture, will develop mold and spots on the glass. Worse things can happen on the mirror when exposed to water or humidity. Because it is made from a type of mercury, coating the back of the mirror can rust. Therefore, before installing the backsplash from glass or mirror, make sure your wall is not damp or potentially leak. We also bring image of glass backsplash Ideas gallery for you.